16: Etna PA

Carnegie-Illinois Steel Mill
Nov. 1941. Etna, Pennsylvania. “Blast furnaces and ore at the Carnegie-Illinois Steel mills.”

The wonderful aspect of this type of photography is the details. In my opinion, modern digital photography lacks the depth. Click here and see some amazing details. This is from a 4×5 Kodachrome transparency by United States Office of War Information photographer Alfred Palmer via Shorpy.com.

Carnegie-Illinois Steel Mill 11
Another Kodachrome transparency from Palmer of Carnegie-Illinois Steel Mill, Etna, PA.

Click here to see an amazing close up via Shorpy.com.

A collection of black and white photography from U.S. Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information photographer John Vachon.

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15: Today was a lesson

Today was a lesson in time management, productivity, prioritization and basic self-honesty.

I cannot do what needed to be done tonight to put on a class. Life is happening at an alarming pace recently, and without getting into the weeds of it all, I made the most honest decision and rescheduled this class.

There was, of course, the usual agony and angst surrounding the decision: What will people say? How will it look? Am I letting people down? Will I be judged? Criticized? Will people drop out of the class?

However, I know it was the best decision to be made with the available information. I don’t have to like it.

I’m not asking others to like it either.

Prior to focusing on simplifying and time management I would have shoehorned my whole day together. A process that would have resulted in a chaotic and overwhelming situation for everyone. Nothing of value would have been accomplished, blocks of time would have been underutilized and fractured.

I would have spent the day with a nagging sense I should be somewhere else, doing something else.

One of the primary outcomes of better time management is less chaos and overwhelming situations. Productivity requires an honest appraisal of what is possible given the restraints of time. If I were a Time Lord perhaps I would jump from block to block without concerns of fatigue, travel times, healthy eating and caring for loved ones or myself.

Developing good productivity and time management habits is a fools errand if we lack honesty about what is possible in the time allowed.

Time is a currency, and if what I’m doing doesn’t maximize its value, than what I am doing is wasting my time and yours. By canceling the class tonight I respected the value of your time and mine.

Do something of value with the time you have.

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14: So, thank you, Hudson Rise ‘n Shine Toastmasters

Thank you Hudson Rise ‘n Shine Toastmasters Club for the Best Table Topic award and acknowledgement.

For those that don’t know, Table Topics is a portion of the Toastmasters’ agenda where members are randomly chosen to come forward to speak for one or two minutes on a question chosen by the Table Topics Master. You have no idea what the question will be when you are called up.

Paul surprised my by researching my background beforehand and asked me “What do I love most about art shows?”

I only said “so” once – maybe twice.

So, there’s that…

Toastmasters is the best thing I have done for professional development in a long time.

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13: Be Compelled

Feature art by Christopher Gulick http://christophergulick.com/   I’ve been researching the business of art and the art of business. In the process, I came across a Wichitalks two minute video of artist Christopher Gulick. Although impossible in a two minute video to know someone, I greatly appreciate the enthusiasm for his life. It’s a refreshingly upbeat […]

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12: Your lack of faith is disturbing

My #artist friends meet my questions about selling their art via #cafes, #bars and public spaces such as #libraries or hospitals with condescending eye rolling. Their verbal responses run from disinterest to mock indignation to huffs of righteous contempt to the suggestion. Some of it, in my opinion, is simply unspoken anxiety about asking. Others […]

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11: I’m no Cullen Bohannon, but…

I’m building a railroad No seriously. Well, I guess technically I’m building opportunity for a railroad. As such, I was pleased to be able to secure a $633,711 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation towards a $1.5 million rail rehabilitation and construction project. I not only wrote the grant and presented it to PennDOT’s Rail Freight Committee […]

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08: The Return of Real Labor. Maybe.

America is also becoming a lower-cost manufacturing destination when companies consider the “total cost of ownership,” or TCO: the cost of quality, delivery, transportation, energy consumption, labor monitoring, carrying stock, freight, packaging, and all other aspects of production, as well as labor costs. Energy costs are particularly important, and thanks to shale gas, energy in […]

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