18: Toastmaster Reflection – Cupid is a Terrorist


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Well, if the hat fits…

Date: 10/26/2018
Group: Hudson Rose ‘n Shine Toastmasters Club
Speech: #4 How To Say It
Title: Cupid is a Terrorist
Evaluator: Todd F.

I felt like I rushed the conclusion because I was so intent on making time. I probably could have tied the ending together if I didn’t panic when the yellow light came on. I don’t normally get nervous but following Danika definitely unnerved me. My hands were shaking and I can hear my voice cracking in the recording.

She is such a wonderful storyteller…also apparently a keeper of shareable hats.

I would insert a section closer to the opening of the speech more clearly defining the idea of love as a noun and a verb. I thought my intent to make time watered down the ending.

I had a bunch of good feedback and the topic connected with individuals in the audience. There is an excellent idea somewhere in here for further speeches on this topic.

Also, will bring my own hat next time.




You choose complex and challenging topics Run on sentences Too much pacing
You are such an interesting speaker Started slow So. So. So. So.
So, keep working on it.
Relaxed when telling a personal story Lose the notes
The personal story always brings it home Try using cards less
Great interjection of humor and stories A few run on sentences
Humorous speaker Left me hanging on the end.
Witty, heartfelt, philosophical
Wonderful turns of phrases
Dazzling details, personal connection
Natural presentation skills.


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